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Experiencing coaching 15 years ago sparked my interest in the concept of personal development. Over the years, gaining awareness has provided me with deep insights regarding my own journey, career and relationships. This motivated me to support others benefitting from their own discoveries.

Having worked internationally and after living and travelling in different countries, I developed a keen awareness of how we view change and our environment can impact our choices, behavior, emotions and our ability to deal with both day to day living and long-term choices.

During my 20+ year professional career I have taken on various

leadership roles within commercial and non-profit organizations. This enhanced my understanding of personal effectiveness and leadership in diverse work environments.

I empowered myself, both through awareness and my own personal development, and also by observing the context around me internationally.  Coupled with a two-decade career, I draw on these experiences and capabilities in the context of coaching.

Empowering ourselves and one another is my strong belief and motivation. I started my coaching practice in order to support leaders around the world to realize their professional and personal goals!

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My coaching diploma is NOBCO/ EMCC


Curious about coaching together?

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